If you have been struggling with your current marketing efforts or have no idea what you're getting back from your investment, I am here to rescue you!

— Hi, I'm Keith the founder and CEO of Antidote Digital Local 

I am  sure you have realised by now that there are some things big marketing agencies do well, a kind of one size fits all mentality, however, in most cases this never translates into real results for their clients. After being on the receiving end I of this treatment I decided to take matters into my own hands and take what I had learned over the years first hand and implement ONLY the things that would get my clients tangible results. Many medical professionals lose out on thousands of dollars in lost opportunities because they either:

  • Do not have the education to execute marketing tactics correctly (largely due to the fact they are experts in their field, not marketing)
  • Have hired and spent thousands on big agencies who use blanket marketing approaches for all of their clients
  • They have no systems in place to track, measure and record results from their current marketing efforts

Seeing these common mistakes being made time and time again led to the creation of Antidote Digital.

"My mission is to help local businesses to grow and generate a consistent stream of new high-value customers month after month"

I am truly grateful to have had the pleasure of working alongside many local business in the United Kingdom  and I really look forward to helping you on your business journey!