Digital Marketing! What is It ?

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Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing

If you are a business owner who has never given digital marketing a thought, you could be in trouble; orange is now the new black! The audience that watches TV and listens to the radio is dwindling so fast, you could hear it happen! Billboards are not as effective as they used to be and do you know that only 17% of adults between the age of 18 and 24 read newspapers? The traditional channels of marketing can no longer suffice today.

So what is digital marketing?

The truth is that digital marketing is not one thing. It is a conglomerate of many things, all calculated moves that primarily take place on the internet to draw the attention of the consumer. So in other words, digital marketing refers to marketing efforts that mainly take place on the internet. However, it includes offline methods such as branded SMS, display advertising, video games etc.
That’s the difference between internet marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing includes offline media. In reality, however, the bulk of digital marketing takes place on the internet. “Why?”, you ask.

It is an open secret; 286 million American are constantly on the internet looking for information or communicating or shopping or doing whatever else they do. There are more people on the internet at any time than there are people watching a particular TV show or looking at a display ad.

What are the techniques in digital marketing?

The more important question other than” what is digital marketing?” is” how is digital marketing carried out? Well, there are a number of strategies used in digital marketing. Here are the most common ones:

1. Search engine optimization.

This is probably the most popular among website owners and is commonly known as SEO. Every day, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google alone. When a search is carried out, the search engine scans all the websites with information related to the query and ranks them according to what it considers most relevant. Research has shown that internet users almost always never go beyond the first page of the displayed results.
Search engine optimization is a technique or a set of techniques that assists a website to rank high in the search engines. With a high ranking, a website automatically benefits from increased traffic.

2. Social media marketing

Social media is not just a thing for the millennials; the bug has practically bitten everyone. 78 % of all Americans have a social media profile and the numbers are growing! Social media marketing involves the use of social media channels to increase brand awareness or to build traffic to a website. The most popular channels here include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube. Facebook is the most used by businesses because it allows ads to be targeted to a particular audience. However, Instagram is very influential with 93% of the most notable brands having an active presence.

3. Search engine marketing

This is a strategy that aims at promoting a website to increase its visibility in the results produced by a search engine. SEM uses a number of techniques to achieve high rankings. This is a form of paid advertising that is very effective in increasing the number of visitors to a website.

4. Pay per click

This is a form of search engine marketing that involves paying the publisher a certain amount of money every time your link is clicked. The most common ones are Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

5. Affiliate marketing

This is where a website owner pays a commission to other website or blog owners for promotion on their pages. It is usually performance-based. In most cases, it requires the lead to buy a product from the owner’s website.

How can your business benefit from digital marketing?

1. Increased revenues.

Digital marketing increases the audience a business is able to reach. Through the use of proper targeting, a business can tremendously increase its sales and thereby tremendously increase its revenue.

2. Increased brand awareness.

The value of a brand can be measured by how recognizable it is. With digital marketing, a new and unknown product in the market can become a major brand in a far off country. Digital marketing can have a very wide reach and can be very effective in creating a name for your business.

3. Increased website traffic.

Most digital marketing platforms aim at increasing traffic to a website. This is like bringing people to your physical store. You can persuade these people to buy your products , you can monitor buying behavior, or you can collect valuable insights from them that will help you to improve your business.

4. Increased value of your website.

The more the number of visitors a website has, the more valuable it is. By getting more traffic from digital advertising, your website becomes more valuable and can fetch a high price from parties who might be interested in advertising on it.

5. It allows greater interaction with consumers

Social media advertising allows one on one engagement with consumers or potential consumers. You can be able to give immediate feedback, address concerns or know the perception towards your product or brand.

6. It is cost effective.

Digital marketing is cheaper than other methods of marketing such as mass media or billboards. The results are also measurable and actionable.


Any business whether big or small should take advantage of digital marketing as it can offer great results at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Technology continues to evolve and the internet continues to be at the heart of it all. In the end, it is only those businesses that can cope with new advancements that will remain standing.

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